Keep your eyes on a super prize

Jarrod Sierocki

David Koch’s guide to getting the most of your superannuation.

Geoffrey and Suzanne Fuller, with dog Ralph, rode out the GFC and still invest their super in shares as well as other assets. Picture by Matt Turner.

CHASING investment returns by regularly switching your life savings to the latest top-ranked superannuation fund or investment option is a one-way ticket to frustration.

Super is the longest of long-term assets for most Australians, stretching 40 years or more, and financial experts say sticking with a good fund and a good strategy for the long haul is the steadiest path to success.

Last year’s best performer can often be this year’s worst, they say. Similarly, selling out of a poorly-performing fund or investment option — as many Australians did during the Global Financial Crisis — means you might miss out on the recovery.

The default MySuper funds offered by today’s employers smooth out the risks and returns by spreading members’ money over a wide range of assets….

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