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Labor could support ‘joke’ energy plan

LABOR has indicated it could back the PM’s new plan to stop blackouts and drive down power prices.

Despite Opposition leader Bill Shorten earlier describing the proposed National Energy Guarantee as “a joke of a policy”, the party has today signalled the model could have some merit.

If federal Labor backs the strategy, which puts new obligations on energy companies AGL, Origin and Energy Australia, it would bring almost ten years of political deadlock on energy policy to an end.

Labor frontbencher Tony Burke told Sky News today the policy “might end up being something Labor can support”.

“It may well be that what we have in front of us is an emissions intensity scheme managed by the energy retailers rather than managed by the government,” he said.

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg didn’t mince words when asked whether the government plan could be interpreted as anything like Labor’s carbon tax.

“Two letters: NO,” he told Sky News, citing advice to the government from t…

Read the full article at: http://www.news.com.au/national/politics/labor-might-support-malcolm-turnbulls-national-energy-guarantee/news-story/fb533cf699f5d4f2f69668db618232d8

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