Loo water reveals our worst habits

Waste water testing has exposed the ACT’s dirty secret. Picture: Getty Images

CANBERRA’S not just the national capital, it’s also now a contender for the drug capital.

Tests on Australian Capital Territory waste water have found methylamphetamine — sometimes known as “crank” — remains popular, but cocaine is challenging its top spot.

And rising strongly is the use of ecstasy and “hillbilly heroin”.

“While methylamphetamine remained the highest consumed illicit drug of those tested across all regions of Australia, findings show cocaine usage in the Australian Capital Territory increased from August 2016 to February 2017,” Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission chief executive Chris Dawson said today.

“These findings complement the recently released Illicit Drug Data Report, which revealed increases in the number of cocaine seizures and arrests and the weight of cocaine seized in the Australian Capital Territory in 2015—16.”

He and Justice Minister Michael K…

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