Love from the most unexpected place

Jarrod Sierocki

Italian hermit Fausto Mottalini, the only man living in the town of Sostila, has found love. Josephine Sharp, from Auckland, saw a story about Fausto on and wrote him a letter – starting a magical romance for the both of them.

Fausto Mottalini was the only man living in an isolated Italian village. But not anymore.

THE ways of love are infinite.

Fausto Mottalini, the lone man living in Italy’s ghost hamlet Sostila, isn’t that lonely anymore. The last remaining inhabitant of this forgotten place has found love.

Thanks to a story he now shares his isolation with a blonde New Zealander, after an amazing turn of events.

Josephine Sharp, 54, read his story from Auckland, packed her bag and flew over to his tiny hamlet for a blind date. It obviously went well. They now they live together in the medieval cottage that he decided to run years ago after ditching his former boring life.

“When I read the article I was struck by Fausto’s simple lifestyle, of how he ha…

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