Make the most of changing super

Jarrod Sierocki

Follow David Koch’s tips to help grow your nest egg

You can use the July 1 superannuation rule changes to help grow your wealth.

BIG changes to Australia’s superannuation rules are less than four months away, and savers are being urged to think about their impact now.

While much of the debate has been about the new $1.6 million cap on how much retirees can hold in their tax-free super pensions, it’s a number that most retirees will get nowhere near, and they should instead focus on some of the other changes that have a much wider effect.

Baillieu Holst financial adviser Helen Dundon said all Australians were affected “regardless of their bank balance or postcode”.

Compare super fund fees

“Everyone will be affected differently but there is a lot that can be done, both before July 1 and once the new rules kick in, to make the most of the evolving super environment,” she said.

“For example, looking at options such as salary sacrificing to ensure you are utilising the higher con…

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