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Massacre driver’s chilling post

TORONTO van massacre accused Alek Minassian has been charged with 10 counts of first degree murder and 13 of attempted murder.

Minassian, 25, was wearing a white forensic jumpsuit when he appeared in court.

He spoke his name and agreed that he understood the charges.

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He showed no expression, nodding along and speaking abruptly and clearly when he addressed the court.

Minassian, who does not yet have a lawyer, was ordered to not contact any of his victims.

First degree murder carries a life sentence in Canada.

An elderly man sat silently in court with tears running down his face as Minassian appeared.

He was mobbed by a large media pack as he left court.

Asked if he had any message to Toronto, he quietly said: “Sorry”.

There is still no indication of a motive for yesterday’s attack, which left a 2km path of destruction down one of Toronto’s busiest streets.

Authorities continue to play down any connections to terrorism.

Minassian will reap…

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