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Matty’s humiliating public rejection

Jarrod Sierocki

The Bachelor Matty J blushes when’s James Weir asks him some very ‘punchy’ questions

Leah endures a mortifying mid-kiss rejection by Matty J.

IN EXCRUCIATING scenes, an overly-confident girl has been put in one of the most humiliating situations we’ve ever witnessed on The Bachelor: Her hair was permed, she was made to grind a motorcycle and then, when she tried to force-pash Matty J, she was publicly rejected.

Thursday night’s episode also documented the take-down of a “cocky bitch” and we were treated to perhaps the most important fashion moment of our lifetime. Seriously, this exquisite item of clothing should be placed in a time capsule and buried underground so humans 200 years from now can find it.

But first, Osher declares it’s time for the big first date of the series to begin.

At 5am, Elora is woken for her date and Ubered to a rather unpleasant looking beach on a bleak and grey weekday morning.

She struggles to walk through the wet sand along the waters 

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