Meet the beefcakes of Instagram

Al Kavadlo (right), a trainer and progressive-callisthenics early adopter, started doing callisthenics as a kid. Picture: Instagram.

INSTAGRAM, long a source for fitness inspiration, has lately been giving more visibility to a group of buff guys who can do things like balance while inverted on a narrow pole.

Search #progressivecalisthenics or #barstarzz and you’ll find fit (and often shirtless) guys performing handstands and one-handed planks — and making it look easy. The style is a hybrid of yoga, acrobatics and callisthenics, traditional exercises typically done without equipment and incorporating the whole body. (Think squat-thrusts, jumping jacks and other exercises you did in gym class.)

Picture: Instagram/Al Kavadlo

Picture: Instagram/Al KavadloSource:Instagram

Workouts start with a fundamental base of push-ups, pullups and squats, then progresses into more advanced moves. Some practitioners execute flowing sequences that borrow from yoga, or perform exercises on playground bars. The style is interpreted …

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