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Money-saving flight hack airlines hate

Jarrod Sierocki

The Australian dollar is surging when stacked up against other world currencies. The US, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea are particularly good places to travel to and spend your money if you want to take advantage of the surge, with our exchange rates up around 10% from the start of the year.

THERE are many ways passengers can get cheap flights, but most of them involve a lot of work, such as signing up to frequent flyer clubs and various credit card schemes.

But there is a pretty simple way to get a lower fare, and you might have already done it without even knowing — deliberately missing the second leg of a flight.

The practice, which is known as “hidden city ticketing,” can knock hundreds off the price of a trip, The Sun reports.

The website Skiplagged first came up with the idea of passengers leaving the flight during a stopover instead of carrying on to the final destination.

For example, let’s say someone wants to fly from New York City to Chicago. A flight betwe…

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