NBN’s ‘blatant’ Australia Post push

Urgent reminder … that you need to go to the post office. The NBN is sending notices to switch via registered mail, angering some recipients. Picture: Supplied

CRITICS are calling it extreme marketing, but the NBN Co says it’s just meeting its obligations and ensuring nobody is left without phone or internet.

As the NBN’s rollout gathers pace, residents of a 560-unit residential complex in Sydney’s Redfern are mystified by a barrage of letters sent by registered post containing “an urgent reminder to switch to the NBN network”.

The letters from NBN Co’s business arm had to be signed for, or collected with personal identification from the local post office — despite the fact each was addressed to “The Manager” of each address — a move some have seen as both intrusive and inconvenient.

The letters warned the NBN network would replace most existing landline networks for phone and internet services from October 13, and suggested people make the switch “as soon as you…

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