New app to improve road safety

The V2P technology allows motorist and cyclist to know when a their maybe a collision. Picture: Kelly Barnes/The Australian.

INTERNET-connected cars will be able to identify pedestrians and cyclists on a collision course simply by tracking their smartphones, new Australia-first trials showed.

The on-road car technology tests, launched by Telstra in Adelaide, examined whether cars with a 4G mobile phone connection in their dashboard could automatically detect cyclists and pedestrians in tricky road situations, including while reversing out of driveways or at pedestrian crossings.

The trials were designed to pave the way for more driverless car technology to be exported from Australia, as part of what is expected to become a $90 billion industry.

Telstra chief technology officer Hakan Eriksson said the tests were the first “vehicle-to-pedestrian” trials held in the Southern Hemisphere, and represented “an important step in the journey to fully autonomous vehicles on Australian road…

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