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New warning about ‘Supervolcano’

THE supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park in the US may erupt more quickly than previously thought, researchers warned this week.

Scientists from Arizona State University who analysed minerals in fossilised ash from the most recent mega-eruption about 630,000 years ago found the supervolcano woke up after fresh magma flowed into the caldera, a 64-kilometre-wide bowl, National Geographic reported.

The previous eruption occurred in about the same time frame before that — 1.3 million years ago — meaning that the volcano may be primed for another explosion, reports the New York Post.

And the eruption may be a doozy.

The volcano can belch out more than 1000 cubic kilometres of rock and ash — 2500 times more than Mount St Helens did in 1980, the ASU researchers found.

Such an event could cover most of the US in ash and possibly plunge the Earth into a volcanic winter, they said, the New York Times reported.

The minerals revealed changes in temperature and composition built up in on…

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