Ninja Warrior has made me re-evaluate my life

Jarrod Sierocki

David Campbell is known as ‘The Godfather’ of American Ninja Warrior. He started out on the Japanese show Sasuke and has competed in every season of American Ninja Warrior and made the final round in Las Vegas in each of the first 7 seasons. A rock climber, he is so dedicated to the television show that he built a full replica of Stage 1 and parts of stages 2 and 3 in his backyard.

Australian Ninja Warrior contestant Jack Wilson is one of many making every day Aussies rethink their health.

IT’S not often I feel guilty in front of the television.

But over recent weeks something strange has taken over my set, and as I gorged on pizza while watching TV last night, it finally hit me; I felt guilty.

As the last decade of my life flashed before my eyes I began to re-evaluate my life choices.

I’m sure I’m not alone, because if you’ve been watching Australian Ninja Warrior as much as I have, you would be feeling it too.

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