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Obsessed fan plots YouTube stars’ deaths

TEXAS police have said a “disturbed fan” broke into the home of a YouTube celebrity couple armed with a gun and fired at least one shot inside the home.

According to court documents the man identified as 24-year-old Christopher Eric Giles drove 11-hours from New Mexico to Texas late last month.

Police described Giles as being a “single, lonely and disturbed,” individual.

Popular YouTube couple Megan Turney, 30, and Gavin Free, 29, hid in their own wardrobe after Giles forced his way into their home in Austin, Texas last month.

Mr Free owns a YouTube channel called Slo Mo Guys, and Ms Turney is a popular cosplayer.

The couple managed to call police as Giles, who was armed with a handgun, smashed a window to gain access to their home, waking them in the early hours of January 26, a local news station reported.

Giles, who had driven 11 hours from New Mexico, returned to his car where he was confronted by police. He opened fire on the cops, who shot him dead.

Police said “it was a…

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