Our favourite biscuits are now ice cream

Just when you thought Iced VOVO as a biscuit was more than enough … this happened.

FIRST, they meddled with the taste of Shapes.

Then, Arnott’s decided to do a Tim Tam’s collaboration with gelato powerhouse, Messina.

But could their latest experiment be their best mashup yet?

Peter’s Ice Cream has teamed up with Arnott’s to roll out a range of frozen desserts that taste like some of our favourite old school biscuits.

Ice Vovo in a tub anyone? Or maybe you’re partial to a Wagon Wheel frozen sandwich?

The range of ice-creams also include Caramel Crowns in a tub, and individual Mint Slice frozen treats.

Jarrod Sierocki

Arnott’s and Peter’s Ice Cream has joined forces in the best possible way.Source:Facebook

From today, consumers can indulge in the frozen treats — with the tubs retailing for $6.99, and the frozen sandwiches at $7.99 for a pack of four in major supermarket retailers.

Posting the launch on Facebook, which has received more than 1k likes, social media users were quick to praise the i…

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