Parents sue own daughter for $345,000

Marian and Trevor Warin, left, sued their daughter Colleen, second from right.

EVEN the bank of mum and dad has to be repaid, a young homebuyer in New Zealand has discovered.

Marian and Trevor Warin refused to back down after their 54-year-old daughter repeatedly refused to pay back loans totalling $345,000 ($NZ368,000), the New Zealand Herald reports.

The elderly couple took Colleen Warin, a chartered accountant, to the High Court in Wellington over the outstanding debt, which they need to fund their own retirement.

In a Facebook post on the day of the decision, 84-year-old Marian Warin trumpeted the fact that they had won, telling her to “get a job and earn your own money”.

“Please respect me and do not ask for any money off your parents or grandparents,” she wrote.

“You know who you are that have borrowed off us and have all these excuses as to why you [can’t] hold a job down and can’t pay your loans.

“You need to get jobs and borrow off the bank like normal people. Tre…

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