Parents, you’ve gone way too far

Jarrod Sierocki

A wave of millennial marriages and parents is coming, according to wedding and birth forecasting firm Demographic Intelligence. WSJ’s Lee Hawkins has the details.

Jamila Rizvi says parenting isn’t that bad. She doesn’t always look this glamorous though.

A MEMO to fellow parents of young children:

I’m starting to worry that we’re doing a truly terrible PR job.

Our performance hasn’t yet reached catastrophic birth-rate-dropping-off-a-cliff levels but if we were actually being employed to market parenthood to the masses? The termination of our collective contract would be imminent.

Last week I was having lunch with a group of friends, most of whom have kids, when one of our number announced that his partner is pregnant. “Wonderful news!” We all chorused, ordering another round of flat whites to celebrate. Before proceeding to warn our mate of the abject horror that lies before him.

Say goodbye to long luxurious brunches and weekends with nothing in particular planned. Prepare…

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