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Passengers take down ‘psychotic’ woman

Jarrod Sierocki

A dragged-off passenger, intense social media backlash and competition from lower-cost airlines, WSJ’s Lee Hawkins explains United’s recent struggles. Photo: Jayse D. Anspach via Storyful

A UNITED Airlines flight in the United States was forced to return to its departure city after a “disruptive customer” made a sprint for the cockpit.

United Airlines flight 898, which left from Houston for New Orleans on Sunday, local time, was forced to return to Houston after the incident, the airline told Fox News.

The disturbance started when the passenger began yelling and banging on the walls of the plane roughly halfway into the flight, reports KTRK.

“I hear (her) screaming, ‘We are all protected and loved! We are all protected and loved! This plane is going to land beautifully and kindly!'” said United passenger Julian Markowitz, who spoke with KTRK.

“In an instant, she stands up, bolts to the aisle and started sprinting towards the cockpit,” added Markowitz.

“As soon as she s…

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