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Passport detail you might have missed

Jarrod Sierocki

Travelling in china is weird. From toilets that restrict how much paper you get to random street dancing, China is amazing and confusing all at once.

Before you book those cheap flights to Bali — will you have six months left on your passport after your return date?

IMAGINE if you bought an annual gym membership, only to find out it’s actually only usable for 11 months. The swipe card is still yours for that final month, but they’re not going to let you in.

You’d probably feel cheated, report them to Consumer Affairs and storm off looking for another gym.

It’s a similar scenario with passports — but unfortunately, we have no choice in the matter. Passports all have a use-by date, but seeing as most countries require at least six months’ validity to allow entry, its actual expiry date is rendered useless. Instead of a lifespan of 10 years, you have nine and a half.

So why do passports need a buffer for travel? This is mostly to do with visa precautions — ensuring that you…

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