People go crazy over 22-year-old Kit Kat

Emma was donated a box of old goods for the shop and was stunned to find a Kitkat, 22 years past its sell-by date.

A SHOP owner who found a 22-year-old KitKat bar discovered it has less sugar than today’s version — despite being bigger.

Emma Duncan found the ageing snack at the bottom of an old box of crockery taken to her bric-a-brac shop.

The distinctive red packaging is clearly stamped with a best before date of Oct. 1, 1995 and the wafer’s foil wrapping was perfectly intact.

She then bought a new KitKat to compare the two versions only to find the old wafer bar was 6.5g heavier than the new one.

Emma also noticed that the biggest ingredient in the old bar was milk chocolate — whereas the main ingredient in today’s bar is listed as sugar.

Jarrod Sierocki

Emma has not had a break since she came across the ancient wafer bar at the bottom of a box of crockery.Source:Mega

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