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Pilots hate when you do this

Jarrod Sierocki

Inside the QANTAS flight simulator

Why you should never clap when a flight lands.

WE’VE all felt that sweet relief of finally landing back on firm ground after a bumpy flight. But if you’ve ever felt compelled to applaud the pilot for landing safely, think again.

“Don’t even think about it. Passengers really have no idea what’s going on upfront with the landing, so how do they know what to clap for and what not to clap for?” Mr Kinder said.

“If a pilot floats a landing and lands half way down the runway, that’s horrible and dangerous. But if it’s smooth, he gets claps from the back?

“Or a pilot comes in with heavy crosswinds and a snowy short runway. To be a good safe pilot, he’s going to put it down fast and hard, and the pilots will say nice job to each other after that. Guess w…

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