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Poker star’s $156m blunder

WSOP Main Event final table’s brutal 156 millon-chip hand.

THE man who was leading the World Series of Poker Main Event’s final table thought he had a winning hand versus his main rival. He was horribly wrong.

English amateur John Hesp, usually a caravan salesman, was on the run of his life at the Las Vegas poker event, with just under 100 million in chips. That’s when he ran into a fateful hand against American Scott Blumstein, who had about 77 million in chips.

Hesp drew suited ace-10 against Blumstein’s pocket aces. The Englishman was in deep trouble – then virtually gone when an ace came out on the flop, and drawing dead for the ugliest beat of his life when a 10 appeared on the turn. “Oh my goodness, I don’t like the look of this,” the commentator said. “He must think he has the absolute best hand.”

Thinking his top-two pair was rock solid, where it was in fact owned by Blumstein’s trip-aces, Hesp checked, re-raised a three million bet from Blumstein to seven mi…

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