Police could spy inside your home

Commissioner Ian Stewart wants police to be able to hack your devices to conduct surveillance.

QUEENSLAND police are proposing new laws that would allow them to turn your internet connected products into listening devices to spy on your conversations.

But it suggests the proposed bill is about conducting surveillance to combat terrorism.

During a Parliamentary committee hearing on proposed legislation, police commissioner Ian Stewart said law enforcement would remotely install spy software on connected devices during a declared emergency when the life, health or safety of a person may be in danger.

“It is not outside the realm that, if you think about the connected home that we now look at quite regularly where people have their security systems, their CCTV systems and their computerised refrigerator all hooked up wirelessly, you could actually turn someone’s fridge into a listening device,” he said, according to the Brisbane Times.

“This is the type of challenge that law enforc…

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Police could spy inside your home

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