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Prepare for a disgusting Build Up, Darwinites

Victoria Acton is not looking forward to a warmer-than-usual build-up.

PREPARE for a disgusting build-up, Darwinites.

Bureau of Meteorology senior climate liaison officer Greg Browning said most of Australia would face hotter than normal temperatures.

“It will be a hot and sticky build up,” he said. “We’re probably going to see average rainfall and above average temperatures.”

We’ve already had a hotter than usual July but Darwinites need to brace for a potentially warmer than average August.

“Everything is hotter than normal,” Mr Browning said.

“We really haven’t seen below average temperatures.”

According to the northern rainfall onset report, released on Thursday, there is an increased chance of an early falls across Northern Australia.

Mr Browning said rainfall predictions for the coming months were slightly above average, but that it would make very little difference.

“When we are talking about the near average numbers, we can call it

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