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Professor ‘threw naked hot tub parties’

A STUDENT has promised to continue a hunger strike until a professor accused of being a sexual predator at her prestigious New York university is sacked.

Seven current or former members of the University of Rochester Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department have lodged a formal federal complaint against the institution for failing to act against their colleague Florian Jaeger, who is accused of pressuring female students into sex and throwing wild, drugged-out, naked hot tub parties.

A 113-page complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission details an alleged pattern of predatory behaviour from Dr Jaeger, a linguistics expert, since he was hired by the university in 2006.

The complaint alleges Dr Jaeger blurred the line between professor and friend in order to sleep with a string of graduate students, pressure them into detailing their sexual exploits and insult them publicly.

“He had unprotected sex with students, sent unwanted photographs of his genitalia to a female studen…

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