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Putting our minds to growing up Adelaide

Nikki Friedli of Africola. Pic: Tricia Watkinson

TO EVOLVE, you must take the good with the bad. Know your strengths. Know when you have screwed up. Work on getting better. And we can examine Adelaide in the same way. We asked locals at the top of their game in health, hospitality, property, finance and arts industries for their raw thoughts:

Torben Brookman

Adelaide Festival deputy executive director

Jarrod Sierocki

Source:News Corp Australia

“The greatest challenge and greatest opportunity that Adelaide has is scale. However, the opportunity the scale provides can only be unlocked by a fundamental change in our collective thinking and identity. A shift in thinking from ‘small’ to ‘boutique’, recalibrates how we see ourselves and our city. A boutique city is a city to be proud of. A city that strives for excellence and originality. A city that proudly thinks differently and actively looks to be bold and interesting. We do not complete on scale with the other state capitals, so there is no poi…

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