Western Australia

Rogue cow on the run at Parliament

A COW brought to Parliament House in Perth as part of a promotional stunt got loose of its handler and made a run for it, causing pandemonium.

The bovine visitor was one of two to visit the political precinct on Thursday as part of RUOK? Day celebrations and to promote the Perth Royal Show.

But Winston, as he’s known, got a bit agitated and slipped loose of his handler, before charging off across the lawn, leaping a chain fence and some bushes and heading out onto the street.

The speedy steer was only a short way into his venture through the city’s inner-western suburbs when he was brought under control, Perth Now reports.

However he wasn’t up for his big media debut, leaving that to his companion Clementine.

But she was also apparently nervous with all the attention and relieved herself on a camera, causing West Australian Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan to candidly remark: “Clementine’s pissing it in!”

Winston’s handler Peter Milton told the news website that the c…

Read the full article at: http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/cow-brought-to-parliament-house-in-perth-for-a-promotion-gets-loose-of-handler-and-makes-a-bolt-for-it/news-story/07df0f817b1ac55f4262ebe5ceb4bfcd

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