RUSH HOUR: Kids chase knifeman out of school

Knifeman chased out of school by students

A knifeman wielding two massive blades was chased out of a school by students who were chucking their backpacks at him.

Pupils from Scala College based in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands, were filmed darting towards the 44-year-old man who became so frightened he tripped over his own feet.

It has not yet been made clear how the man entered the premises.

Footage which appears to have been recorded from a nearby balcony, shows the knifeman trying to sprint away as a group of males chases him out of their school.

One young man throws his backpack at the knifeman’s feet, causing him to roll on the floor for a few seconds.

But in a dramatic turnaround, the knifeman jumps to his feet and starts to swing his blades at the students.

The brave youngsters continue to close in on the man, forcing him to slowly back away.

But after 20 seconds of failed attempts to scare the pupils, the man retreats and walks away from the school.

The 44-year-old was already k…

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