RUSH HOUR: Shock at ‘horrible’ Mother’s Day card

Man suffers serious injuries after hang glider crash

A man has been injured after falling 20m to the ground in a hang gliding crash in the NSW Illawarra region.

The 52-year-old man was planning to hang glide from Bald Hill to Stanwell Park Beach on Monday afternoon.

During the flight he stalled and clipped trees at about 30-40m in the air, causing him to crash at Stanwell Park.

The man sustained suspected head, jaw and lung injuries and was treated at the scene by paramedics and lifeguards before being flown to St George Hospital in a serious condition.

Calls to raise minimum wage by $50 a week

Unions are calling for a raise in the minimum wage, suggesting that it should be increased by $50 a week.

The minimum wage is currently just under $695 a week, making it roughly $36,000 a year, but under the Australian Council of Trade …

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