Sad farewell for Alby Davis

TWO birdcages full of butterflies have been released at Boat Harbour Beach as hundreds of people farewelled little Alby Davis, who passed away last week.

Described as cheeky, handsome and a real nature lover, little Alby would have turned four on Monday but tragedy struck when he choked on a bouncy ball he had received as an early birthday present.


Instead of being the centre of attention at his birthday party, Alby was on Wednesday farewelled during a moving service on the sand. Many children of Alby’s age splashed in the waves as flowers were collected.

Later those flowers were taken out to sea by kayak and released into Bass Strait.

Alby was one of Anna and Simon Davis’s three children. The Wynyard couple are expecting another child soon.

“Cheeky, handsome little Alby loved nature, butterflies, rainbows and mucking around on the beach,” the service was told.

“He was ever the explorer.”

The Wynyard community has rallied around t…

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