Safe full of cash found in rubbish

A SAFE left on the roadside for rubbish collection contained a wad of cash — possibly as much as $NZ30,000 ($A28,000) — which was discovered by council contractors.

The discovery of the money has raised the legal question of whether “finders keepers” applies — or if the money should be returned to the absent-minded safe owner who threw it away, reports the NZ Herald.

Council contractors stumbled upon the cash in the safe, which had been put out for inorganic rubbish collection in an Auckland suburb. The cash has been handed in to police.

Waste Management staff made the discovery after collecting the safe on the side of the road in Hillsborough last Wednesday.

The case raises a fascinating question about who can lay claim to valuables found on public property — and which has been put out as rubbish.

Barrister Marie Dyhrberg said in such cases it wasn’t as simple as “finders keepers”.

Anyone who found and kept a large sum of cash or valuable objects could be subject to “…

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