Secret to winning on stock market

You don’t have to be the
Wolf of Wall Street to make money on the stock market. Picture: Paramount

WHEN most people think about the share market, they envisage a world where investors try to pick which stocks or mutual funds will finish ahead of the pack.

It sounds great in theory, but the odds of doing it successfully over the long term can be slimmer than winning a lotto prize.

Twice each year, the Dow Jones Indices checks how US fund managers are performing against indexes in various categories.

For the first time, it has a full 15 years of data to compare. That stretch of time captures not only two big rallies for the stock market (from 2002 to 2007, and from 2009 to today) but also the worst downturn since the Great Depression (2007 to 2009) — which means it should offer a look at the full breadth of a manager’s skills.

The bad news is that most funds did poorly relative to their index, and not just ones that focus on US stocks, whose performance has been getting the hea…

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