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Sick abuse by cult leader father

RACHEL Jeffs was just eight years old when her father summoned her into his office and put her on his lap, before sliding her on to the floor to kneel in front of his exposed penis.

She was appalled. She had been taught by every adult in her life, including him, that bodies were sacred and showing them to others was a sin.

Her father, the criminal cult leader Warren Jeffs, placed her hand on his penis and started moving it up and down as she tried to snatch it away.

When she turned her head, he grabbed her chin and forced her to watch. “Rachel, look,” he said. “This is what a man looks like … See how a man goes hard when you touch him?”

It was just the beginning of years of secret, sickening abuse by the self-proclaimed prophet against his daughter. And she was by no means his only victim. The polygamist leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was jailed for life plus 20 years in 2011 on two counts of child sexual assault against a 12 and a 14-…

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