Smart ways to save more super

Jarrod Sierocki

David Koch talks about how often you should review your super details.

AustralianSuper’s Paul Schroder says savers should focus on five Cs to grow wealth. Photo Nicole Cleary

MANY of us have heard of the three Rs in education, but if you want to get smarter about your retirement savings it’s a good idea to focus on the five Cs.

AustralianSuper says there are simple ways to boost superannuation, and other super specialists say saving for retirement is easier than you might think, despite super’s constantly changing complex rules.

“There are really only five things that people need to do to get their super in shape,” said AustralianSuper group executive Paul Schroder. Here are his five Cs.


Mr Schroder said an extra 1 per cent of annual returns would deliver a 25-year-old an extra $97,000 at age 65, with a similar result for people who cut 1 per cent from their fund fees.

Compare super funds

“Finding both gives you about $200,000 extra in your super, which generate…

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