Sneaky ploy used by online pirates

Pirated links to movies such as Straight Outta Compton are appearing on petitions.

THE war on illegal file sharing has pushed pirates into some unlikely places, but perhaps none are as incongruous as popular online advocacy website which has become somewhat of a haven for illegal content sharing.

The petition website is dedicated to providing a platform to promote political change or raise awareness and attracts millions of visitors a day.

If you spend much time online, you have no doubt come across a petition before.

Last year more than 160,000 people signed a petition to help Aussie dairy farmers, prompting $500 million from the government. Another campaign got 100,000 Australians to sign a petition calling on the NSW Police to condemn a Sydney gathering of ‘neo-masculinists’ led by controversial figure Roosh V.

But underneath all the advocacy is a sneaky trend of using the site to spread pirated content such as movies and TV shows. In a bid to sta…

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