So hot you could cook an egg on a car

Jarrod Sierocki

In case you weren?t able to feel the record-breaking heatwave experienced by Sydney-siders, a man demonstrated its intensity by cooking bacon and eggs using only the heat of the sun. Penrith man Josh Vincent braved the extreme heat of his car and served up breakfast by leaving two rashers of bacon and an egg in a frying pan. Sydney experienced record temperatures over the February 11 weekend, the hottest summer in the city?s 158 years of recorded history, according to the Daily Telegraph. Temperatures reached over 40C in parts of the city. In Penrith, where this video was reportedly taken, temperatures exceeded 46Cs. Credit: YouTube/JoVi Creative via Storyful

Desperate swimmers descended on Bondi Beach at the weekend with temperatures still sitting at 34C at 7pm on Saturday. Picture: Dean Lewins/AAP

THERE’S a heat that’s so hot you can literally fry an egg in the sun.

Then there’s just ridiculously record-inducing hot.

A Sydney man decided to test the theory that his car would ge…

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