Sony’s new camera shoots at Canon

CAN a camera small enough to slip inside a handbag really replace a professional rig?

And can it make sports photographers switch camps if it shoots fast enough?

These are the questions Sony is putting to Canon and Nikon users with its latest creation, a new type of image-maker with a full-frame sensor, silent shooting, and the ability to capture an eye-watering 20 full-size photos every second.

While the 24-megapixel camera in question is not cheap, it could change the way keen amateur and professional photographers look at mirrorless cameras … and record everything from Formula One races to weekend sports fixtures.

Jarrod Sierocki

The small size of the Sony A9 is dwarfed by some larger sports lenses.Source:Supplied

Sony Electronics product specialist Sean Ellwood says the Sony A9 was designed for speed.

“It’s a camera with a very special set of strengths,” he says, channelling Liam Neeson.

“The A9 is not for everyone. This is really designed for sports photography and photojournalism.”

While …

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