Steam’s quirky answer to 80s cop dramas

Beat Cops: the 80s-tastic gaming homage to police TV shows.

THE 1980s are looked back at with fondness now — Back To The Future, classic Michael Jackson, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Walkmans, worrying your kids will discover you’re actually Soviet spies.

No, wait, that last thing was a series arc in The Americans.

One thing pretty much everyone agrees the 1980s did well was action movies and police shows; gunfire, speedboats, cars, snappy dialogue and so many cliches they’ve been keeping the community at TV Tropes busy for years.

A lot of what was acceptable in the 80s would now be considered outdated now — the smoking, the automatically assuming the not-white person did it, the shooting everything

Beat Cop, developed by Pixel Crew and published by 11 Bit Studios on Steam, pitches itself as a loving homage to police action movies and TV shows of the 70s and 80s and encourages you not to take it too seriously.

Set in 1986, the premise is that you are Jack Kelly, a New York detec…

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