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‘Surely, you learnt from Rebel?’

Jarrod Sierocki

Sportswoman-turned-TV host on her love of the northern beaches- and her fave TV show.

Johanna Griggs has once again blasted Woman’s Day for an ‘error-filled’ article. Picture: Channel 7

TELEVISION host Johanna Griggs has once more taken aim at Woman’s Day over inaccurate reporting, asking the tabloid mag if it had “learned anything” from their recent court loss against Rebel Wilson.

This week’s issue of Woman’s Day features Griggs and her husband, Todd Huggins, on the cover, with the headline ‘Joh’s miracle: Why my hubby’s the bravest man in the world.’

Jarrod Sierocki

Is Johanna Griggs’ husband the bravest man in the world?Source:Facebook

Despite that first-person headline, Griggs did not contribute to the article inside, which claims that Griggs had saved her husband’s life when she used her “sixth sense” to insist he seek medical treatment for a growth in his throat.

“She had a sixth sense something was wrong,” the mag quotes an unnamed “family friend” as saying,…

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