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Surprising thing people do on flights

Jarrod Sierocki

The first Virgin Australia flight has touched down in Hong Kong with Sir Richard Branson in attendance.

BESIDES watching TV shows and movies, reading and sleeping, there’s not much you can do to while away the hours on a flight.

But there’s a surprising new activity thousands of travellers have been embracing to get through a long and boring flight — and now we know more about what they’ve been up to.

Last year, Virgin Australia teamed up with Open Universities Australia to bring to the skies what was dubbed Australia’s first flying school — the opportunity to complete short courses with leading universities during Virgin Australia flights.

The wide variety of courses, offered through Open Universities Australia’s Open2Study course provider, is intended as an alternative to the usual in-flight entertainment of movies, TV shows and games.

The program condenses about four weeks’ worth of learning into four flying hours, though flyers who arrive at their destination sooner…

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