Sydney’s top 10 chicken wing picks

Just one word: Nom. Add possibly another “nom” free of charge. The star attraction features heavily here in a Wings of Glory spread.

IT’S the list that will have fast-food fans in a flap. And why not — if any idea is going to fly, it has to be National Chicken Wing Day.

And that day, chook fiends, is Saturday, July 29.

The humble wing is often the most overlooked parts of the whole bird, but it’s probably the cheapest cut, and as everyone who makes their own chicken stock knows, the one with the most flavour.

Jarrod Sierocki

Sam Sam Korean Chicken comes in winged form.Source:News Corp Australia

Just add salt, fat, crumbing, chilli or any kind of tasty stuff and bingo (but not bingo wings, obviously, because that would be gross. But admittedly a lot meatier.)

Although largely useless to the bird after centuries of breeding, chicken wings are however perfect for sharing (or hogging) in scenarios ranging from midnight munchies to birthday parties or having a gang around to shout at the footy.

A Dai…

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