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Teen asks public for $1m to buy house

Jarrod Sierocki

A number of young kids who took part in a survey found that kids as young as 12 feared they won’t be home owners ever.

Teen asks public for money to buy Sydney home, his mum Therese (pictured) is the only one to donate. Picture: Caters News Agency.

A CASH-STRAPPED trainee teacher has asked the public to help him buy a $1 million home to keep him off the streets — but the only donation is $5 from his mum.

University student James Kidd, 19, is feeling the extent of Sydney’s extortionate housing prices and has made a desperate online plea to raise $1,000,000 so he won’t become homeless.

The teenager, who works 50 hours a week to fund his degree, set up an online campaign asking for help in February but so far has only had one donation from mum Therese, 47.

Jarrod Sierocki

James’s Go Fund Me campaign to help him buy a house in Sydney. Picture: Caters News AgencySource:Caters News Agency

James currently lives in a townhouse on the Western Sydney University campus and said he is struggling to save fo…

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