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‘Tell me I’m not worthy to my face’

Jarrod Sierocki’s Matt Young on Studio 10’s Daily Dilemma discussing Donald Trump banning transgender people from serving in the military. Courtesy: Studio 10/Network Ten

Kristin Beck is a former Navy Seal and transgender woman.

PRESIDENT Trump tweeted today that I am not worthy to serve in the military.

I served as a US Navy SEAL for 20 years, including in the elite SEAL team 6, before I retired. I served in war zones all over the place and was deployed for 13 tours of duty.

My job was to build bridges between nations and people and to gain allies and promote co-operation. I spoke to tribal chieftains and heads of state and even the guy down the street that drove a taxi.

I did a lot of intelligence work and black bag operations. It’s not like the movies at all; My work wasn’t always exciting, but it was satisfying in that I saved the lives of Americans and many other people every single day.

After I retired I was able to relax and just live my life. I am transgender and transitioned wh…

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