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The best camping spots in Victoria

Jarrod Sierocki

Jennifer Adams finds adventure, history and relaxation in Victoria?s stunning west.

The Grampians has spectacular views and plenty of fun activities.

DITCH the computer and grab your pack, because you’ll be surprised by how refreshing a nature getaway can be.

Whether it’s a weekend trip from Melbourne or a week-long commitment, Skyscanner Australia is here to set you on the right (walking) track with Victoria’s best campsites and hiking trails.


The Cathedral Ranges is an easy day trip from Melbourne, about a two-hour drive northeast of the city. Featuring a towering 7km ridge of rock with a birds eye view of the forest below, it’s perfect for day walks.

The tracks range in length and difficulty, but most are challenging enough to cause experienced hikers to break into a sweat. Wells Cave Track leading onto the Razorback Track provides great views of the surrounding craggy peaks, while the steep circuit around Sugarloaf Peak will land you at the highest po…

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