The cult T-shirt that sparked Bondi uproar

Jarrod Sierocki

Highlights from the Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2018 Fashion Show.

Louis Vuitton x Supreme pop up store at Bondi Beach. Picture: Dylan Robinson

EVERY Thursday outside any of the 10 Supreme clothing stores around the world, you will find hundreds of fans, usually men dressed in hoodies and sneakers, queuing patiently to get their hands on the cult streetwear label’s weekly new product drop.

Supreme clothing isn’t particularly remarkable — think T-shirts, jumpers, caps and leather accessories — but plaster that iconic red logo on a white shirt and suddenly, it’s worth hundreds of dollars.

The brand’s success lies in its scarcity model. It releases a limited number of new products each week, nowhere near the number needed to keep up with demand.

Those lucky enough to get their hands on a piece either keep it for themselves, earning instant cool status for landing such a rare gem, or they’ll resell the items online for well above the retail price and make a handsome pro…

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