The death of the shopper docket

Remember when this shopper docket was everything?

IT WAS the weekly ritual embraced by millions of Australians: scrounging around for a supermarket receipt before filling up the car.

At the height of shopper docket mania, with petrol prices at their peak, customers would put through multiple purchases at the checkout to maximise their chances of a fuel discount.

But the popularity of the controversial vouchers — which sparked a legal battle between Coles, Woolworths and the competition watchdog — appears to be waning.

Caltex, the underbidder in Woolworths’ $1.8 billion sale of its service stations to BP, noted that shopper dockets appeared to be going out of fashion when it commented on the sale.

Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman agreed, saying shopper dockets “have lost their importance” for “a number of good reasons”.


With discount retailer Aldi muscling in on the big supermarkets’ turf, Mr Zimmerman said, shoppers had…

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