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The most important holiday photo to take

Jarrod Sierocki

David Koch explains how to pick a policy that’s right for you

THERE are few things worse than settling into your flight at the start of a much-needed holiday, and suddenly becoming overwhelmed by panic about the state you left the house.

Did you lock all the doors? Did you definitely turn off the stove? Do you 100 per cent, without a doubt, absolutely remember switching off the living room heater before you left? Do you think you did, or are you sure you did?

It’s the kind of panic that, however irrational, will leave you feeling uneasy for the whole trip. It may even prompt some really paranoid reactions, like asking friends to drop by the house to make sure it’s still in one piece, or obsessively scouring the news headlines back home for any mention of house fires or home invasions on your street.

But great news — there’s a really easy way to making sure you never feel this way again.

Nicole Dieker at Lifehacker says she has started taking photos of various risky things aroun…

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