The Nintendo games too raunchy for us

There are some things Nintendo thinks Western audiences just won’t accept.

A JAPANESE game developer has spoken out to provide a rare insight into Nintendo’s alleged “censorship” of games deemed too raunchy or shocking for Western audiences.

Nintendo is famed for producing child-friendly video games, while publishers in Britain and the US focus on big, bloody affairs like Fallout and DOOM.

But some of the games it originally releases into the Japanese market are very different from the ones which see the light of day in countries such as Australia, the US and UK.

Nintendo follows a strategy of “localisation” in which parts of games are rewritten to make more sense to players outside of Japan.

Gamers are worried that this process could allow progressive and censorious “social justice warriors” (the name for a very vocal group of censorious activists) to dictate a game’s story and character designs, overriding its original creators’ intentions.

Now Tetsuya Takahashi, CEO…

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