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The perfect girl: Bred to be ‘superhuman’

Maude Julien didn’t just have controlling, abusive parents, she was born to create a superhuman being.

IN 1936, Louis Didier was thirty-four and financially well-off. A man from humble origins, he had risen remarkably quickly through the ranks of French society and he now ran a company in Lille. Initiated into an esoteric lodge of Freemasonry, he adhered to an extremely dark spiritual vision of a fallen world governed by grim forces.

That year he met a man, a miner from the town of Fives, who was struggling to feed his many children. Louis Didier suggested the miner ‘entrust’ to him his youngest child, a flaxen-haired six-year-old girl. ‘Jeannine will never want for anything; she will have a brilliant education and enjoy a very comfortable life. My only condition is that you will no longer see her.’

It’s unclear whether there was a financial transaction. The miner agreed. Jeannine left to live under Louis Didier’s protection and never saw her family again.

Louis Didier kept …

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