The racing game with a twist

Ever wondered what it’s like to manage an F1 racing team?

THE combination of asphalt, petrol, rubber and engine oil has a particular allure, both trackside in real life and virtually in a computer game.

Most racing games put you in the driver’s seat and then task you with making sure the accelerator pedal and the floorplate become as well acquainted as possible.

Motorsport Manager, developed by Playsport Games and published by Sega on Steam, Linux and Mac recently (having previously established itself on iPad and Android tablets before that) takes a different approach to the world of car racing, however.

Rather than the driver’s seat of an F1 or GT car, you’re in the comfy manager’s seat of the racing team, overseeing all aspects of the operation from designing vehicles and parts to organising sponsorships to managing the team and even deciding what sort of tyres to put on the cars or how to configure the gearboxes.

In fact, the only thing you don’t get to do is drive the car…

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